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About Us

Our farm has been in the Carlton family since around the late 1820's, but it was not always a produce farm. Originally setup as a dairy farm, cows were milked for close to 100 years. The land was worked to feed the animals, livestock, and our family. It wasn't until around 1985 our family realized that there was more profit to be made in the fields growing and harvesting fresh produce. We did this for about 20yrs and slowly shifted acres from summer produce to now only focusing on fall products like pumpkins, hay, corn, and soybeans. Our business has grown rapidly, and over our 35 years of service we have developed rapport with our customers, who come back year after year.

Our fall target markets are farm markets, garden centers, restaurant suppliers, and farm stands and outlets. Our customers buy our quality products wholesale to sell at their respective retail outlets. We are constantly increasing our footprint within Northeast Ohio, especially with pumpkin sales.

Along with the hay and grain, we go crazy with pumpkins, corn stalks, gourds, ornamentals, and Indian corn to meet the October Halloween rush. Our specialty, however, is the over 15 varieties of pumpkins we grow, including white. We also bale miniature decorative straw bales, which are about 1/4 the size of a large square bale, for sale during the season.

Carlton Farm Tractor  - White 2-85Carlton Farm tractor and wagon